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In the Wildlife Park of Aurach, Kitzbühel

Wildpark Aurach, Kitzbühel
Wildpark Aurach, Kitzbühel

Many times when you visit the same place for a second time, under different circumstances, it can leave you again with new wonderful memories and experiences. Tania was pregnant two years ago when we first visited the Wildlife Park in Aurach, next to Kitzbuhel. Our visit was a pleasant break from everyday life and we were delighted by the place, the view, the food in the park restaurant and of course the animals.

Παραδοσιακή κατοικία στην είσοδο του Πάρκου
Traditional house at the entrance of the Park

Two years later, we decided to visit it with our little Konstantinos. Now sixteen months old, and with enough energy to walk, we thought it would be a good idea to take him to the park. After all, from our previous visit we remembered that it was visited by many families with small children.

Κουκουβάγιες Wildpark Aurach
Κουκουβάγιες | Wildpark Aurach

Of course we didn't walk the entire 45-minute route of the park, but we let Konstantinos to choose the places he wanted to visit. The experience of seeing our little boy like other kids petting the goats and roaming around happily was definitely special.

It is wonderful when children see and touch animals in real life, those that had only seen in books and were an abstract concept for them.
Με τον Κωνσταντίνο σε λιμνούλα του Πάρκου
With Konstantinos in a pond of the Park | Wildpark Aurach

The park

The park started its operation in 1972 with 6 deer and now hosts about 600 animals, including herds of deer and goats (which all roam freely), alpacas, llamas, yaks, birds and various others. It is located at an altitude of 1,100m but for your tour you will additionally have to walk several uphill routes. The view especially from some points will compensate you.

Tickets (2022): €9,50 (Discounts apply for children, groups, infants free)

Κατσικάκια Wildpark Aurach
Little goats | Wildpark Aurach

Κατσικάκια | Wildpark Aurach
Goats | Wildpark Aurach

Ελεύθερο κοπάδι από ελάφια

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