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Useful Information

Flight Connections

All the information you need about the nearest Airports and Flights.

Getting from Munich to your destination.  

Munich Airport is a major airline connection. But how do you get from there quickly and economically to your final destination?

Dining tips and information.

Like other European countries, most restaurants are closed between lunch and dinner time. Find out more about restaurant opening hours and what applies in Austria.

Is your flight delayed?

You are entitled to compensation

Unfortunately delays or cancellations happen. But do you know that you are entitled to compensation up to € 600?

The necessary free insurance card for your trips to Austria and the rest of the EU!

Do you know what is needed and what can you do in cases of illness or emergency medical care in Austria?

Greek Restaurants Guide

Greek and Mediterranean kitchen are one of my favourites (I am greek). Here is a small guide of Greek restaurants in the Austrian Alps.  

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