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Nature Ice Palace, the fairytale underground ice palace at 3,250m

©Archiv Hintertuxer Gletscher
©Archiv Hintertuxer Gletscher

The Ice Palace on the Hintertux Glacier is a natural jewel, unique in the whole world and an ideal destination for excursions all year round with your friends or the whole family. An amazing underground hall with giant ice walls is located below the slopes of the ski resort on the Hintertux glacier. The glacier is located at the southern end of the Zillertal valley.

Inside the natural ice palace you will be awed by the glowing blue walls of ice, giant ice crystals, frozen waterfalls and an alpine lake.

©Archiv Hintertuxer Gletscher
©Archiv Hintertuxer Gletscher

How to get there

When you will enter the gondola that leads up the Hintertux Glacier, you might have the impression that you are heading to a sky palace, but in fact what awaits you upon your arrival at an altitude of 3,250m is quite the opposite: an underground palace wonder of nature from snow and ice. The entrance to this ice cave is only a 3 to 4 minute walk from the last lift station of the glacierbus 3. The entrance to this underground complex of caves and tunnels is amazing as you pass through a giant chamber of bright turquoise ice.

©Neumann - Archiv Hintertuxer Gletscher
©Archiv Hintertuxer Gletscher

Several meters deep below the ski slopes and at an altitude of 3,250m, you can explore a wonderful natural wonder

What to expect

Before you take a tour of this fascinating natural phenomenon below the slopes of Glacier Ski Resort, you'll be fitted with a helmet, harness and rope. The tours are done with a guide, while there are also special tours for children. The journey takes visitors through the crystal chamber with its hidden ice crystals, to the frozen waterfalls, to a lake in the blue chamber and finally to the ice chapel illuminated in red. The undoubted highlight is the ice palace itself, 15 meters high and directly below the ski slopes.

©Archiv Hintertuxer Gletscher
©Archiv Hintertuxer Gletscher

©Archiv Hintertuxer Gletscher

Useful information

The Natural Ice Palace has a constant temperature of 0°C, 365 days a year. So for the tour you need warm clothes and good shoes. Ice cave guides are always at your disposal. The VIP tour lasts about 60 minutes and shows the most beautiful sights inside the glacier.

The ice cave is open all year round and is accessible in all weather conditions. A visit to the glacier palace can also be combined with a day of skiing on the Hintertux glacier or gazing at the view of the Alps from the panoramic platform.

If you are an adventurous person, you can try swimming or even kayaking.

Visiting hours: 10:30, 11:30,12:30,13:30 και14:30 Entrance price: 26.00 Euro (Adults), 13.00 Euro (Children up to 11 years old). It is possible for an additional fee to swim, kayak or have a personal tour of more areas of the "palace"


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