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Do not leave Tyrol without making a stop at these 3 historical towns!

Tyrol is famous and well known for Innsbruck and its winter resorts. However, in this state there are 3 hidden gems worth visiting all year round.

Hall in Tirol

The town is located just a few kilometres outside Innsbruck, but many of you have not heard of it until today. Hall in Tirol was first mentioned as a town in the 13th century and quickly became a major trading center because of the Inn River, and another key factor, the salt-mining. In the 15th century the town's mint produced the first coins, and a century later introduced the world's first automated coining machine.

Hasegg tower ©Tourismusverband Hall Wattens

Worth visiting!

  • The Old Town which is the largest and best preserved in Tyrol

  • The 13th-century Hasseg Tower that houses the Mint Museum.

  • The Cathedral of St. Nicholas

Old city of Hall in Tirol ©Tourismusverband Hall Wattens


This medieval town of Tyrol was very prosperous due to its wealth from silver-mining. In the 15th and 16th century reached its pinnacle of wealth and glory, and with a population of 20,000 inhabitants it was the second largest town of the Austrian Empire after Vienna.


Freundsberg, Schwaz

Worth visiting! 

  • The Old Town with its lovely alleys and its magnificent cathedral.

  • The "Schwazer Silberbergwerk" Silver Mine

  • The 500-year-old "Schloss Tratzberg" Palace (5km from Swatch)

Silver mine ©Tirol Werbung / Aichner Bernhard


Kufstein is located at the German-Austrian borders only 90km away from Munich and 75km from Innsbruck. Strategically built on the bank of the river Inn, its possession was disputed between the Bavarians and Austrians. The town was first mentioned in the 8th century, and its trademark is the famous fortress built in the 12th century. A large part of the old town was bombed from the Allies during World War II, however many parts of it are still in excellent condition.

Römerhofgasse, Kufstein

Worth visiting! 

  • The fortress "Festung Kufstein". You may probably need around 2 hours to visit all its sites.

  • The Römerhofgasse alley at the entrance of the city, with its stunning medieval painted facades and exquisite traditional restaurants.

Kufstein and the Fortress

Kufstein Fortress

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