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"Haus steht Kopf", the upside down House!

Once upon a time there was an upside down house....!!!

20km east of Innsbruck there is a traditional house that receives hundreds of visitors every day. It is a typical furnished home with all its amenities, even a garage with a VW Beetle, but has also something that makes it unique.

This house was built and placed upside down. Yes you read right, "Upside Down". It is a fantastic and entertaining experience where you see things from a new perspective. Of course you have to pay attention inside the house because you can easily feel dizzy. We had a nice time there and we recommend it to anyone!!!

An adult ticket costs € 7.50.

TIP: Before you get inside, there is a table with photos of other guests. You might want to take a look at you can get inspired and get similar poses. Once you take the photos, all you have to do is to rotate them.

How to get there:

By train from Innsbruck you get off to Pill-Vomberbach (one stop before Schwaz). The journey takes about 20 minutes and costs around €5,50.


Haus steht Kopf

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