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Blumencorso - The flower parade in Kirchberg in Tirol

Blumencorso, Leaning Tower of Piza


Blumencorso, or else Blumenkorso, are an annual festival of flower parades. The roots of this custom in Austria date back to the late 19th century but are also popular in other countries such as Germany and the Netherlands. Its original name was Frühlingscorso (spring parade) but as the venue dates changed, so did the event's name to Blumencorso (blumen = flowers).

Where flowers turn into work of art

Blumencorso Kirchberg 2017

Blumencorso of Kirchberg

August the 15th is in Austria a national holiday and although I liked to explore other destinations on these day, I ended up to see this festival over and over every year. What makes it unique?

The Blumencorso of Kirchberg in numbers.  

  • The art works are decorated with more than 500,000 dahlias, carnations, gerbera and sunflowers

  • 30 colourfully decorated classic cars and vintage tractors are used to carry the artworks

  • Every year more than 8.000 people are arriving at Kirchberg to see this spectacle!

After the parade a lively summer night's festival is following!

The Blumencorso as well as the Almabtrieb (cattle drives), are two of the most spectacular traditional festivals held in Kirchberg and you should definitely add them to your bucket list.

Blumencorsos in the Austrian Alps

The most famous ones in the Austrian Alps are the following three:

  1. Kirchberger Blumencorso (Tirol) - Every 15th of August

  2. Blumenkorso in Fissbach (Steiermark) - Start of September

  3. Blumenkorso Ebbs (Tirol) - End of August


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